Monday, September 27, 2010

Dummy with a Photo of Freedom

I bought a book yesterday: Blogging for Dummies. Because I'm meeting with a friend of mine, Janet Riehl, in a couple of days to talk about blogging, and she said "Buy it." So as soon as I learn what I'm doing, I'll become a blogging fool. But in the meantime, just browsing through the book, I saw a section that talked about using photographs and how readers like photos. So I thought, what's an interesting photo I have? And here it is.

I'm on the rear patio of a rich friend's house 2 weeks ago (mansion/estate/castle) in Aspen, pretending I, too, am rich. Those are my size 13 sneakers and my lean, muscular legs. The book is terrific. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. Labelled by some as "a Great American Novel." I bought it at Left Bank Books, paid full tilt for it, not a 40% discount from Amazon, opting to support my local independent bookstore. (a rare occasion) To close this circle, last Monday night I saw Franzen at a reading at Christ Church Cathedral, SRO. Not only is he a good writer but a good reader. I don't know if he blogs, probably not, as he needs to spend his time writing The Great American Novel, which I could do if I didn't blog...and procrastinate...and had fathomless talent. I'll be blogging your way soon, even to tell you about a novel I wrote that will be published in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, check out Janet's link.


  1. Gerry,

    Nice work with the link to Riehlife. Yes, that's what blogging buddies do: generosity & reciprocity.

    Know what you mean about playing the "rich" game in elegant locations. It's fun. And, good to come back to our humble abodes.

    Looking forward to hearing about Franzen's St. Louis appearance and his newest book. I've only read reviews. Maybe you'll loan it to me when you finish.

    Janet Riehl

  2. Yes, it's nice to return to humble abodes...unless your garage door opener breaks, which ours did. Had it replaced today by Overhead Door Co., which has greatly increased our overhead. In Aspen they don't worry about things like that. "Freedom" - I'd be happy to lend it to you. Probably a week away from finishing. Funny thing about Aspen, Janet. Even if I hit a major lottery I wouldn't live there; seems to be a town built on money. I got a sample of its roots, though. I'm watching a documentary on DVD called "Gonzo," about the life of Hunter. S. Thompson. He lived in Aspen and was a trouble maker: drugs, hippies, motorcycles, etc... He even ran for sheriff. Interesting guy, but I wouldn't want him for a neighbor.

  3. Congratulations on publishing your novel. You know I'm a fan of your fiction, so I need to know immediately when it's available. I can't imagine it lacks humor, but I'm ready to enter the dark side if necessary.

  4. Hi Gerry,
    I dreamed last night that you and Mary Leigh (that is your wife's name?) were in Colorado in a mansion with long hallways and you were bowling!

    Bill and I felt the same way you do about Aspen, people were persnickety.

    You'll get the hang of this blog stuff. Do you ever check your stats? Click on that tab and it will tell you how many people checked out your blog that day. Have fun making your mark in blogland. Is this a new book you are releasing?

  5. You're one of the people that keeps me inspired, Dennis, and makes me want to continue with fiction. I'm hoping to have copies late October and will let you know. Hopefully you'll find it has humor, though it isn't a funny book... or at least it's not supposed to be. And you? What are you working on these days? Last we talked, you had an agent interested, like the one from Denmark connected to Steig's books.

  6. Close on my wife's name, Linda. Actually it sounds that way, but is spelled Mary Lee (not like Janet Leigh). I'll send you a photo of the long hallway you dreamed about. Amazing; maybe you were there. I'm just getting going on the blog thing; lots of learn. That book I'm releasing is the one I've mentioned before, about Charlie Chaplin, and takes place in Hollywood/LA today and in the 1920's. I'm proofing it again, for the third time, and honestly can't remember writing some of the stuff. Title is "Shadow and Substance: My Time with Charlie Chaplin." It's been great fun.

  7. Can't wait for the release party. Will you be in full regalia and walk stiff legged? Great photos of CO by the way.

  8. I really wanted to attend that Franzen reading, but I had prior obligations to River Styx. I just loved The Corrections. Does Freedom compare?

  9. I'm liking Freedom better. Characters, dialogue, situations, conflict, issues, etc etc. Too bad you let poetry get in the way of Franzen's reading.

  10. Gerry,
    Last week I had an interview with a headhunter. The subject of social media came up... "Did I Blog." I said no, but I think I rented one when I was doing a shoot in LA. (Rim shot!) That was met with a flat stare. So much for my humor, in the face of unemployment. Next came Twitter, ExpressionEngine, LiveJournal, Open Diary, TypePad, Vox, WordPress, Xanga, FMyLife, Foursquare, Jaiku, Plurk, Posterous, Tumblr, Twitter, Qaiku, Yammer, Google Buzz, XING, Cyworld, Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. Nope... I've got a cell phone and a Mac. "Oh, too bad, you would be so much more marketable if you only were into social media." What happened, I went to bed the night before and when the sun came up I was hit with big time warp. So now it's... hello Mr. Blog, I love you.

  11. Rented one in LA... now THAT'S funny. Some folks just don't have a sense of humor. Jeff, my life was so much simpler before I started blogging and linking in and exchanging info on which books I'm reading over some other thing. However I have an old-fashioned cell phone: no apps, no video. It only vibrates when I want it to, and can take fuzzy photos. So... I take it you're still looking. I wonder how the new-look resume is working. Let me know. I opened a jar of pickled yellow peppers the other day that you gave me, and they're delicious. So's the red stuff in another jar... salsa I think.