Sunday, January 2, 2011

That Can't Be Right

Hey! Wait a minute. This is WHAT year?? 2011?
No, that's impossible. Wasn't it just a year ago, maybe two, that we were all waiting for the New Millenium? Sure, just a couple of years ago. The ATM's were gonna go down. Airplanes were gonna crash. Our computers were to be rendered useless. So what's this 2011 stuff? What has happened to the past 8 or 9 years?

Somebody, I'm convinced, is screwing around with Time. Like putting it on Fast Forward, throwing more coal in the boiler, shifting into high and putting the pedal to the metal. It's probably terrorists, or people on Wall Street, or Republicans, or maybe aging hippies who have finally entered that 4th or 5th dimension now that all the drugs have kicked in. Whoever it is, I don't appreciate it.

I want Time to slow down to a crawl. Even during winter. I want to be able to enjoy lots more hikes with my wife and dogs, good pasta and salads at Italian restaurants, pieces of Godiva dark chocolate, episodes of Dexter and Walking Dead, performances by the St. Louis Symphony, new movies that have an honest-to-God plot and characters that I care deeply about. And Time to write a few more posts on my blog, and maybe even another book.

So I guess I've arrived at my thought for this year. Slow down. What's the hurry? We're all going to get there. Let's not be out of breath when we do.


  1. It may be those hippies in the 5th dimension. You know physicists now claim there are 11 including time and one of them contains 10^500 universes in it. So, I'm with you. Slow down. There's plenty of time and

  2. This is the best and truest thing I've read about the New Year so far.

  3. I was just saying the same thing to Bill. Weren't we just worrying about Y2K crashes LAST year? I embrace your philosophy, take it slower. Happy New Year!

  4. Wish it were possible--but for those of us working multiple jobs just trying to keep the wolves at bay...well, you know. Here's to a better economy in 2011 so we can all take a deep breath!

  5. Funny, I thought about Y2K just the other day. The Leo Burnett Agency threated to excommunicate me if I didn't prove that my sole computer, then an Apple IIe, was ready for the new millenium. Me, a sole proprietor, with a cash accounting method -- which meant I invariably waited for 120 - 150 days for payment for work they needed done yesterday. Now...who cares? I wish my wife would read your post -- she is perpetually in a hurry to get stuff done so she can hurry up and get into more stuff that needs to get done in a hurry -- aaaagggghhh!