Friday, February 17, 2012

A Beautiful Dog Needs a Home

This is for you if you love dogs. This is especially for you if you want a beautiful dog.
A friend of mine must find a home for SilverBelle, her Weimaraner. Here is the link to info about the dog, some photos, and contact information for Mary Ann. She lives in St. Louis. If you know someone who might be interested, please forward this to them. Thanks. I can vouch for SilverBelle; I've been around her and would take her, if it weren't for Sadie, our Golden Retriever. Thanks.


  1. What a beautiful old girl. She is going to be devastated. :o(
    Lisa N

  2. I bought a pup with Giarda, severe skin allergies to this day, a bad under bite and he has issues too. he is a good little guy and smart but very expensive to take care of. I would never go to this grooming/pet store again. Every day there seems to be a different problem with him and this is going on 7 yrs.I
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