Sunday, April 22, 2012

D'Arcy, Masius, Benton and Brigadoon

Once every one hundred years, so the legend goes, the Scottish village of Brigadoon emerges from the mist of the past and lives once again for only one day. Maybe D'Arcy isn't a fitting subject for a musical or movie, but it sure is capable of maintaining the magic. So it was yesterday, when - thanks to the efforts of Jerry Sexton - many of us gathered at a local pub in Kirkwood to rub elbows and share hugs and stories and laughs and a glass of brew or wine. Some new faces were there since the last appearance, and some faces were missing. Still, the village of DMB&B continues to live, if only in our hearts.

I never seem to find the time to talk to all the people I want to. Conversations are too short, memories too prevalent, questions and interests arise and disappear too quickly. I see a face across the room, someone I want to reconnect with, but don't quite get around to. It's as though, like Brigadoon, the mist will swirl in much too early, leaving dangling conversations and stories without punch lines, an intended handshake or hug unfulfilled. 

Fortunately we don't have to wait one hundred years for the next opportunity. As long as Jerry Sexton has an extra supply of name tags and the time to pull it together, the village will return much sooner. 


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  1. It's so nice.
    To have a brother.
    Who's a " hoser".
    It's so nice.
    To have another brother who's in " SS".
    And between the two of them they have killed more dogs than anyone can count on their " fingers & toes" times a thousand.
    And they screwed GRADSTARS, too.
    But only the ones who had already been traumatized.
    So what's to say of two brothers that screw the world?
    Not much.
    But it's so nice to know they are screwing HER MAJESTY because at least then,
    I'll be able to talk about them.
    God only knows, they'll be talked about in the movie " KANSAS KINGS".
    But maybe, with a little help from their FREANDS, the Irish, we can change their names.
    And make sure TEWST is destroyed with explicit details.
    Along with SUSTRO.