Monday, November 29, 2010

Burgers for My 84-year-old Friend

A couple of weeks ago, before the cold weather and the rain moved in, while the trees still held on to a few straggling leaves, Mary Lee and I celebrated a Major Birthday. Hannah, our Golden Retriever, was 12 years old. As is our custom, we bought her a hamburger on her birthday. Not a White Castle burger, but an honest to God Hamburger. We used to go to Steak'n Shake, but that was before the economy took a dive. So this time we grabbed a couple of Doubleburgers at Mac and headed for Weldon Spring Trail, where we followed the trail from the parking lot on Hiway 94 to the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River. The day was warm and the dogs were excited. Sadie, who is only 3, covered the entire area, checking for slow-moving squirrels or sociable deer. She found none.

We got to the bluffs abut 2:00, and gave the dogs their burgers. Hannah moves a little more slowly now, but what the hell. At 84 you can't expect someone to leap and dash and do back-flips anymore. She still sits and shakes. Her paw, not her body. The view from the bluffs is quite relaxing. You can almost hear Lewis and Clark urging their men up the river, singing their songs of exploration, slapping at the millions of mosquitoes and gnats that came to feast, telling mean jokes about Tom Jefferson.

But enough history. Oh, wait. One more tidbit. Weldon Spring was first settled by a frontiersman named John Weldon from North Carolina. That's it.

One more fact: A MacDonald's Doubleburger stays hot in a styrofoam container placed inside a backpack for 45 minutes. We didn't get fries with that. Not good for dogs.


  1. Sweet. I do the two double burgers and remove the two pieces of bread that don't have the goodies (pickle, catchup, onion). You can walk me in the woods on my birthday and feed me burgers. I'll be your best friend too (at least for a day.)!!!!!!!

  2. This is a fun post. My favorite way to spend a fall day is hiking. Every old gal deserves a burger on her birthday. Looks like you and Mary Lee had a great time.

  3. Fall? What's Fall? are you saying you fall down and can't get (it) up?
    where I live there's no season change. Why are you leaves so dry and beige?
    what planet are y ou on?
    happy fall and winter, hosers.
    Will you feed me when I'm 84?
    --judy b d

  4. I'm reaching a major milestone in a couple of weeks, and frankly, I'm hoping for more than a couple of burgers. Add a beer and we can start talking.

  5. So that's what your dogs look like! Happy birthday. Beautiful scenery pictures.

    Janet Riehl

  6. An idyllic day. I hope you and May Lee and Hannah will have many more. My last dog was a 4-pound Yorkie named Ruffie, after Ruffian, the Derby winner and tragic match race fillie. Ruffie was a tough little bitch who would yield no ground to any dog, regardless of size. I've known a couple of women not unlike her. When she died in my lap, at 14, I cried like a baby. Dogs are God's consolation to Man for being merely human. Dogs love unconditionally...I wish I could. Dogs, it's said, have masters; cats have staff.

  7. I love all your comments. By the way, I forgot to mention I went into the MacDonalds, at Long Road near Boone's Crossing, went in and got the burgers without the buns, pickle, onion, etc. When the lady gave me a quizzical look, I explained my purpose. She gave me a big smile and proceeded to tell me all about her dog. Nothing like dogs to bring strangers together.
    My two favorite quotes about dogs are:
    My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. (unknown source).
    The worse thing you can do to a dog is leave him behind. (don't know the source)
    And one other: God put dogs on earth so man would know how to live.